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Mitzvah Project

It is customary that as part of a b'nai mitzvah,
the honoree does a mitzvah (translated: good deed) as a part of the process. 
COVID changed this project, but below are Alec's thoughts on the charity he chose.

For my Bar Mitzvah charity I have selected Feed More.

Feed More is Richmond based charity that helps provide food for millions of people each year. In Central Virginia 1 in 10 people in Virginia including 1 in every 7 children do not receive necessary nutrients. Due to the Pandemic this number has recently skyrocketed and they are projected to have over a 50,000 person increase. When demand grows it becomes more expensive to keep feeding all of these people. Feed More needs the support of the community and everyone needs to pitch in.

Right now more than ever there is a need for food in Central Virginia. People who previously may not have needed food assistance now need help getting dinner on the table. Over 60 percent of Feed More's clients only need assistance 5-7 times a year. These are people who live paycheck to paycheck and when an unexpected cost comes up they scramble to find food. Imagine if your car breaks down and you have to make the decision if you should buy groceries that week or fix your car. At FeedMore they are making so that people don't have to make that tough decision. These people are just like you and me and at some point they need some help. So before you go just put yourself in their shoes and think how you would feel if you faced food insecurity.

Feed More reaches over 30 cities and counties in the Central Virginia area to provide food assistance. Feed More has a large range and distribution network. They have over 300 distribution centers and pantries. These may include emergency shelters, places of worship, grocery stores, other non-profit organizations, and more. They have distributed 37,021,220 pounds of food, which is the equivalent of 30,851,017 meals to those in need.

Feed More also collaborates with the Meals On Wheels program to feed homebound seniors. They provide food and assist with distribution for the program. This really helps out some of the seniors in the area and they make sure that all of the food is fresh and good for you. That means that not only are they helping by giving food, they are also making sure that it is good food. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to read this and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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